I’m currently working in an environment where the development setup consists of 6 individual VirtualBox VMs handled by vagrant. This could be a problem on devices with low amount of memory, such as Macbook Air … This post describes a setup with a single VM which hosts all other VMs as LXC containers with minimal overhead. The tricky part here is the network setup, so that your developer machine is in the same network as the containers, which then allows direct access to and from the containers.
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I’m using websocketd for a little side project, called webshell, which is a little shell in your browser that runs predefined commands. It is obvious that this shouldn’t be accessible by everyone! So there is a need for authentication. For most of my projects I use HTTP Basic Auth, which is not supported by Chrome when using WebSockets. The solution is a cookie based authentication built using Lua directly in nginx (used as a reverse proxy).
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When you own a custom domain like me (pboehm.org), there are unlimited possibilities what you can do with it. One thing is to write a redirector to use subdomains pointing to your profile-pages on several services like Flickr or Github. Another purpose could be the redirection of www.DOMAIN and DOMAIN to blog.DOMAIN, which could be hosted on Github Pages that is limited to one CNAME per page.

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